High Speed Services

Cable Modems DSL
A cable modem connects you to the Internet with blazing speeds using the same coaxial cable in your home that delivers cable television programming. With a cable modem no phone line is required. Even the heaviest Internet usage won’t affect your cable TV reception. Cable modems are available only in Pioneer Communications' cable television service areas. Digital Subscirber Line (DSL) technology uses the same standard copper pairs as your telephone. DSL provides a high-speed connection to either individual computers or networks. A DSL modem is installed at the customer's site and provides a standard Ethernet connection into the Internet. DSL is also a perfect medium for remote access into a private network for home or business users.

 - Always-on, instant access
 - Download software apps and large files in a flash
 - Google Apps Plus access is included with your account
 - Access your e-mail from anywhere, at home, at the office, on your mobile or from the web
 - Free around-the-clock technical support available whenever you need it

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Cable Modem access requires a subscription to cable television service from Pioneer Communications.  DSL Modem access is available with or without Pioneer Communications local telephone service. Internet access charges are in addition to any cable television or local telephone service charges. All services may not be available in all areas, please contact us to learn more.

Warranty: : View High-speed Internet Modem Warranty information here.


IP Numbers - Static vs. Dynamic
Each device connected to the Internet is given an IP number (address). This means that for each computer connected through a CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) device an IP number is required. This allows packets to flow to and from each PC through the Internet. If a computer is simply accessing services from other hosts on the Internet (i.e. browsing web-sites) they do not need to have the same IP number always, this is known as a dynamic IP number. If the user wants to offer services to other users on the Internet, your computer will require a static IP number. This is an IP number that is assigned to your computer permanently. This means that the computer is always available via the same number. Please note that Cable Modems and DSL's will have Dynamic IP addresses.

DNS name services
DNS is an acronym for Domain Name Services. Whenever you access a remote site the name that you type in is converted into an IP number for routing through the Internet. For example the name www.pld.com is converted into IP number Every IP number that is assigned from Pioneer is automatically given a name in the domain pld.com. Users with a static IP number may wish to individualize their identity with their own domain name. In order to get a domain name Pioneer will coordinate with the domain authority and build the required files to point the users name to their static IP number.

Additional Computers
By default CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) devices allow 1 computer to receive an IP address. For users with multiple computers or networks you can connect multiple PC's to a single CPE device. Depending upon the size of the network and security involved additional equipment may be required, and additional fees may apply.

Cable Modem DOCSIS Headend
Pioneer Internet uses Cisco ubr cable modem headend equipment. This equipment is DOCSIS certified, which means that any DOCSIS certified cable modem "should" work on our system.

DOCSIS Information

To learn more on the DOCSIS technology, go here.

Purchasing a Cable Modem
DOCSIS is a standard for interconnection of cable modem devices. Please contact us before purchasing any cable modem as Pioneer does reserve the right to deny connection to any device that causes interference to our system.